Ratatouille/Gusteau Restaurant Kitchen - Lighting / Texturing ONLY

This model was provided to me to light and texture. And to make things a bit more clear I added a few screenshot of the original scene with a few point lights to show how it looked before i did anything. Again, I am only responsible for the Composition, Lighting, Texturing, and Rendering. I did add a few things of my own to push the mood but 99% of the scene was not modeled by me. I really wanted to stay away from UE4 and practice rendering in Maya for a change (it was also part of the assignment) It was definitely a huge learning experience for me and I can't wait to improve my rendering skills further with the next project.

Moses saintfleur final render01
Moses saintfleur final render02
Moses saintfleur pre render 1
Moses saintfleur pre render 2